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Andhra Pradesh

Bordered by the Bay of Bengal in the east, Andhra Pradesh swanks of the second-largest coastline amongst the Indian states after Gujarat. It is also home to the beautiful Krishna and Godavari rivers and the hills of the Eastern Ghats where breathe the dense tropical forests. These, the lush green farms, and, the beaches attract tourists and locals alike. Due to its rich flora and fauna, the State also has a number of national parks, sanctuaries, and zoological parks. Apart from these natural marvels, you will also find the State abounding in human-made wonders amongst which the Venkateswara Temple at Tirupati boasts of being the world’s second-richest temple. There are caves and museums to explore, temples, mosques, churches, and Buddhist shrines to be engulfed by and the plenteous arts, handicrafts, culture, and the south Indian cuisine to enjoy and complete your experience.

 Major tourist places to visit
Vishakhapatnam, Guntur, Masulipattnam, Rajahmundhari, Amravati, and Chittoor