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Mizoram is an eastern state with the highest population of tribal people in India and more than ninety percent of it is covered by forests. Lying snug in nature’s arms it abounds in lakes, hills, caves, and waterfalls. The moderate climate and an eye-soothing ambiance lull you to peace and serenity. The state is rich in its bird diversity and the Murlen National Park in Champai is an abode of more than a hundred and fifty species of birds! Phangwui, the highest peak in Mizoram is famous for its flora where you’ll find lovely orchids. The largest wildlife sanctuary of the state, Dampa tiger reserve is prominent in its association with the Project Tiger. Learn and experience ‘The land of the Mizos’, their culture and traditions through the numerous community festivals called ‘kuts’, concerts, museums, and art fares. Gorge on the traditional cuisine with colorful, amiable and friendly locals and come back with souvenirs in the shape of beautiful shawls or native attires. Another attraction for its literary appreciation is the Mizo Hlakungpui Mual,or The Mizo Poets’ Square, a monument that commemorates the Mizo poets. Even though you require a permit to visit this state, the little effort is worth gaining an incredible tourist experience.

  Major Tourist Places To Visit 

Aizwal, Lunglei, Serchip, Tamdil